The coffee drink is undoubtedly one of the most popular beverages in the world today and it is fast becoming one of the most used drinks on a daily basis in the world, due to this there are many types of coffee species in the world, which takes first place before the tea drink, which is the second most used drink in the world. There is a host of reasons why people drink coffee but the most accepted reason is that people use coffee to help relieve their psychological and physical tiredness and also, they use coffee to increase and enhance their psychological alertness.

Many people believe that drinking coffee can assist them in preventing a sickness known as the Parkinson's disease which is a kind of nervous sickness, prevention of gallstones, type two diabetes, gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer and even breast cancer. The other treatments of which the coffee drink is sought for is to treat a headache, obesity, low blood pressure and a condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D), there is the belief that the intake of coffee can help heal these illnesses but it has not been proven otherwise.

However, it has been scientifically proven that coffee can be used as a purgative to treat cancer. Coffees which are used as a purgative is used as an aspect of the Gerson Therapy. The Gerson therapy which is used for the treatment of cancer patients is administered with caffeinated coffee drink, which is in the form of an enema or purgative and which is to be taken in four hours on a regular basis. In the course of treatment of the sick people, they are given a food of vegetables, liver and some types of medicines to go with the treatment procedure, also foods containing potassium, pepsin, niacin, pancreatin, and thyroid extracts are given as well.


Although, the Gerson treatment method is effective it is generally not accepted by the united states medical practitioners but the treatment continues till this day to be used in the hospital of Baja located in California Tijuana, and it is also practiced in Mexico which is a distance of one mile from the united states territory. The coffee drink contains a component known as caffeine, which can be useful but more harmful to the human health and in a process of excessive intake of the coffee drink it can produce a series of undesired effects in the body.

Because coffee is a universal drink, it is considered safe for many adults. The coffee drink is designed to be taken in moderation because it is a stimulant and it can be addictive, and in a case of excessive intake of coffee drink, it would produce a series of undesired effects in the body. People who drink more than six cups of coffee a day is likely to become victims of what scientists term as caffeinism. The sickness of caffeinism can be caused by the excessive intake of the coffee drink. People who experience the side effects of the coffee drink are more likely to show symptoms of agitation or anxiety.

For this people taking the normal six cups of coffee a day wouldn't seem enough to satisfy their coffee cravings and so, there become a need for them to increase their daily intake of the coffee drink and these people rise from the moderation of taking six cups of coffee a day to taking eight or more cups a day, to get the desired effects they derive from the coffee drink like they are used to. As they prolong in this situation they become dependent on the coffee to the extent that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the coffee drink.

The reason for this caffeinism is because of the caffeine which the coffee drink possesses. The harmful side effects of continuously drinking the coffee drink can cause nervousness, insomnia and restlessness, stomach upset, vomiting and nausea, an increase in the rate of the victim's heartbeat and the person's respiratory state and other obvious side effects in the person's outlook. Taking the coffee drink in huge amounts can also cause a headache, anxiety, ringing in the ear, nervousness and uneven heartbeats. In the same vein, taking or drinking coffee drink which is yet to be filtered can cause an abnormal increase in the person cholesterol level, low-density lipoprotein and the triglycerides of the body blood fats.

The excessive intake of the coffee drink can lead to the person developing a heart disease and taking or using coffee strainers can assist in reducing the effects of the cholesterol in the body. The use of coffee for people who have heart disease is not recommended because there is a tendency of increasing the heart disease. However, it is also said that for people who don't have heart disease and who take the coffee in moderation do not have the chances of developing a heart disease anytime sooner.

Nevertheless, research has also cautioned people who take the coffee drink in excessive amounts who have no heart problems to moderate themselves on the number of coffee drinks they take as there is the possibility of people developing heart issues, however it is not everyone who has the possibility of developing the sickness. There are instances of where people who have multiple or many risks factors for a heart disease, experience a heart attack shortly after taking their normal mug of coffee. But there are also people who don't have any heart issues that may take more than the required amount of coffee drink, that doesn't face the issue of developing a heart problem.

The highest life threatening issue of the coffee drink can occur when the coffee drink is used as a purgative, which is when the coffee drink is used to cure a serious illness or medical condition without the advice of a medical practitioner, this type of condition can lead to a complete breakdown of the body due to the excessive destruction made by the coffee drink in the body and it can also lead to a severe case of death.

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